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Should You Invest in Professional-Grade Equipment and Fixtures for Your Basement Bar?

If you've recently begun planning construction on a full-service bar in your basement, you may already be scouring local watering holes for fixture inspiration or a lead on wholesale suppliers. However, while professional bar equipment may provide you with all the modern conveniences and technologies available when it comes to the serving of alcohol, these amenities can sometimes come at a high price. How can you know whether—or when—to invest in professional or restaurant-level fixtures? Read on to learn more about some of the equipment that may be worth the upgrade based on the planned use of your new bar. 

Which professional fixtures are most helpful in home bars?

When you're serving a number of guests from your bar, the last thing you want to do is fumble and search for all the ingredients you'll need to make a specific drink or struggle for adequate counter space. As a result, some great professional bar fixtures used by homeowners are those that help organize ingredients and maximize available space, like overhead glass storage, rotating buffet servers, and refrigerated condiment organizers. Many home bar enthusiasts also invest in professional cooling equipment, like containers designed to nearly instantly chill a bottle of wine to its proper serving temperature or those that will dispense an icy keg of beer without compromising its texture or taste. 

If your bar is able to occupy only a small corner of your basement and countertop storage space is at a premium, you may also want to invest in the construction of pull-out racks or shelving that will allow you to store liquor out of sight and without cluttering up your counter. In other cases, a small refrigerator or freezer located underneath the bar can help keep all necessary drinks and ingredients cool without significantly increasing your home's electricity consumption or getting in your way.

How can you prioritize your own basement bar equipment purchases?

Even with a large budget, you may not be able to have everything you could want in a home bar. You'll need to spend some time thinking about the projected use of your bar to help you decide on your priorities (and therefore, where you'll want to direct your money). For example, if your bar will mostly be used to host parties of a half dozen or so friends to watch sports on the weekends, you may want to invest in fixtures that can allow you to serve warm appetizers or help dispense a keg of beer rather than paying top dollar for professional cocktail strainers or wine-cooling machines. 

On the other hand, a bar that is meant to serve dignitaries or host occasional black-tie parties may benefit from a bar condiment organizer or mixing machine that will allow you to serve a variety of exotic cocktails in short order. And if you're planning on regular (and large) gatherings of friends and family members, a glass washer and high-quality glass storage rack can help save you time and money on fragile items that can't safely be placed in the dishwasher. 

By deciding how you'd like to use your bar (or how you actually will use your bar despite loftier expectations), you'll be able to help pinpoint some of the equipment and features that will maximize the convenience and comfort of you and your guests. And while you may get lucky enough to happen upon a closing bar or restaurant and be able to purchase professional-grade fixtures at a discount price, by investigating your wholesale options you may be able to locate new equipment at a steep discount. 

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