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Add Some Flavor to Your Summer: Infused Water Concoctions to Cool You Down

When warm weather comes, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Make drinking water a treat by infusing it with some natural, sugar-free flavorings to make it more palatable and to ensure you drink your eight glasses daily.

Some ways to make your summer more delicious and refreshing are:

Sweeten up your water with sugar-free flavorings. Give your water a fruity, refreshing twist with natural, sugar-free flavorings that can turn your water into a delicious and diet-friendly beverage. These are found from manufacturers in liquid or powder form, so choose those that best fit your lifestyle and personal taste. These are easy to take on-the-go, tuck in a purse, and keep in the car to turn water into something delicious any time of day, in any place.

Freeze fresh fruit into cubes. Pour infused water into your ice cube trays to keep your drink chilled, without diluting the natural fruit flavor. Another fun idea is to place fresh fruit, such as cut-up peaches, fresh berries, and grapes, into your ice cube trays and freeze them. Add these to your water, cocktails, and drinks for a summery touch that also packs a punch of vitamin C.

Fix yourself a spa favorite. Recreate a spa favorite by infusing your water with fresh cucumber or melon. You may be able to find natural flavorings that allow you to make this refreshing hydrator any time of the year, whether produce is in season or not. Keep a tall decanter or infuser-bottle in the fridge for a quick pick-me-up when the weather gets hot.

Consider carbonating for cocktail hour. Add your flavorings and infusions to carbonated water for a bubbly beverage that is refreshing and restorative. When hosting parties or get-togethers, add a few fresh blueberries or raspberries to your infused sparkling water for a delicious refreshment that is suitable to serve your guests. 

Make water your go-to drink this summer. Skip the soda and sugar-laden beverages and make water your summertime drink of choice. Invest in some bottles and travel-cups that will allow you to bring your infused water wherever you go, from the club to the office, or from school to the market. 

Come up with your own flavorful variations for:

  • Picnics. Bring a beautiful decanter of your favorite infusion to a picnic in the park.
  • The gym. Stay hydrated by always keeping a bottle of infused water nearby.
  • The office. Trying to drink more water? Keep a couple bottles in the office refrigerator to ensure you are always hydrated.

Life is too short to drink boring water; create your own refreshing concoctions with some natural flavorings and simple tips. Visit food suppliers like Monin and specialty grocers to find sugar-free infusions that will turn your simple glass of water into a flavorful summertime treat.