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The Basics Of Barbeque Rubs

Few things are more American than a good plate of barbeque. While most people enjoy eating foods prepared in a smoker or cooked on the grill, few take the time to understand what it is that truly makes these foods so delicious.

One element that is essential to the flavor of any barbeque meat is quality seasoning. A specialized barbeque rub can offer an easy solution to recreate the flavors you love in your own backyard.

Grill vs. Barbeque

To begin properly using rubs in your home-cooked meals, you need to understand the difference between grilling and barbeque. Grilling is a cooking technique that requires high heat. Meat that is grilled cooks quickly (think burgers and steaks) and shouldn't be treated with a rub.

When you barbeque your meat, you are cooking the meat on low heat for an extended period of time. This approach allows you to make a pork shoulder roast or beef brisket as tender as possible. Rubs are perfect for the barbeque process, since the lengthy cooking period allows the flavors in the rub to fully penetrate the meat.

Quality Ingredients

All rubs need to be made using quality ingredients. While the flavor profile of individual rubs can vary, all start out with a sugar and salt base. Garlic and onion powder can also be found in most dry rubs.

If you want a rub with a bit of heat, look for a product that includes cumin and chili powder. If you want a more traditional barbeque profile, a rub that contains oregano and mustard powder will be a better option.

Dry Rubs and Wet Rubs

Most people think of dry seasoning when they think of a barbeque rub. Dry rubs are certainly popular, but wet rubs can be used to create delicious barbeque foods as well. A wet rub will feature Worcestershire sauce, citrus juice, or vinegar.

The liquid portion will evaporate during the cooking process, but the flavor of these liquids will be left to help season your meat. Both dry rubs and wet rubs make excellent seasonings for any barbeque meal; you just need to use your individual taste preferences to determine which type of rub to invest in for your home.

Having a few barbeque rubs available will allow you to create classic dishes using your own grill or smoker at home. Look for a rub with quality ingredients and consider the flavor profile, and you will be on your way to becoming a barbeque expert.