Should You Invest in Professional-Grade Equipment and Fixtures for Your Basement Bar?

If you've recently begun planning construction on a full-service bar in your basement, you may already be scouring local watering holes for fixture inspiration or a lead on wholesale suppliers. However, while professional bar equipment may provide you with all the modern conveniences and technologies available when it comes to the serving of alcohol, these amenities can sometimes come at a high price. How can you know whether—or when—to invest in professional or restaurant-level fixtures? [Read More]

Corned Beef And Beer: Why It Works And What You Can Try Instead

Many Americans associate corned beef with Saint Patrick's Day, cabbage, and beer. While it is debatable whether or not corned beef is actually an Irish dish, there are valid reasons why it pairs excellently with an assortment of beers, including many classic Irish beers.  Below you will learn three reasons why corned beef should be paired with beer and what you can substitute on the days you don't feel like drinking beer. [Read More]